The Voice of Wits Students – Voxies

The question of the week asked to the Wits students: What do you understand by #MenAreTrash?

Phumelele Mkhwanazi 18, BA Film and Television, 1st year.                                              Photo: Nomvelo Chalumbiira

Phumelele Mkhwanazi:

“I understand #MenAreTrash as when women say that because the people that are supposed to be looking out for us and being our protectors are now the people that are kidnapping us and killing us.”


Halima Zannah, 19, BA General, 1st year                                                                                  Photo: Nomvelo Chalumbira

Halima Zannah:

“Men are trash because they blame women for everything and every situation. Like it’s our fault we get raped. Men basically don’t see us as equals. And also men get away with everything. It’s always like because of their anatomy they are put on a higher pedestal.”


Mutanwa Mufamadi, 22, BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics, 2nd year.                Photo: Nomvelo Chalumbira

Mutanwa Mufamadi: 

“It’s a hashtag that’s partly justified because there are bad things men do such as killing
their girlfriends. If you look at the case of Karabo, even in that situation, he was assisted by women to actually dispose of the body and burn it.”


Hillary Idiabolo, 18, BA Law, 1st year                                                                                          Photo: Nomvelo Chalumbira

Hillary Idiabolo:

“This was just blown out of proportion, this sort of thing has been happening, Just because a pretty girl got killed now suddenly it’s an issue. People are using the #MenAreTrash to say other things; like your boyfriend doesn’t text you in the morning.”


Mbali Ngcongwane, 20, BSc Property Studies, 2nd year.                                                       Photo: Nomvelo Chalumbira

Mbali Ngcongwane:

“Women are kind of having an outcry about what certain men have done to women. We’re not saying all men are trash, we’re saying men are trash and if you feel some type of way about it then maybe you’re guilty for something.”


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